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Gift for Her - Artisan Bon Bon Gift Pack 2

1) Bon Bon Fine Milk Chocolate - Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate (Grab Bag) (200g)

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate's slow roasted Hazelnuts coated in Bon Bon's famous delicious Fine Milk Chocolate. It is extremely irresistible.

2) Organic Monsieur Truffe - 51% Milk with Homemade Honeycomb (100g)

Organic Monsieur Truffe 51% Milk with Honeycomb is a a delicious milk bar, handmade with minimum 51% cocoa butter. It is 100% Organic and Gluten Free

Tasting Note: It is a delicious smooth, silky milk chocolate blended with chunky, crunchy, chunky pieces of sweet homemade honeycomb. Extremely popular.

3) Bon Bon Fine Chocolate - Cherry & Coconut Milk Chocolate (100g)

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate Cherry & Coconut Milk Bar is blended with flakes of Sundried Cherries and Toasted Coconut in Bon Bon's famous, delicious fine milk chocolate. It will be a delight to your palate.

Australian Handmade Chocolate

* Total Weight of Products: 400g *