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Gabriel Chocolate - Bean to Bar - Dark Gift Set C

Enjoy our Bean to Bar Gabriel Chocolate Milk and Dark Gift Set. It comes with our handpicked best sellers of the Gabriel Chocolate range to ensure that the flavour combination compliments one another.

1) Ghana Chocolate Forestero 65% Dark Single-Origin Bar (85g) uses the abundant Forestero type bean, the mainstay of the chocolate world. A delicious bold, assertive and full bodied chocolate.

  • Silver Medal Winner Sydney Royal Easter Show

2) Gabriel Chocolate Indonesia Java 72% Dark Bar (85g) comes with an amazing range of flavours ranging from earthy, smoky paprika, truffle, tobacco & vanilla.   

  • 2017 Gold Medal Winner Perth Royal Food Awards
  • Gold Medal Winner Sydney Royal Easter Show

3) Gabriel Chocolate Nacional Ecuador 58% Dark Bar (85g) is handmade with single origin Nacional Ecuador cocoa beans that have undergone a fruity fermentation process produced by award-winning province of Ecuador,South America.

  • Silver Medal Winner Sydney Royal Easter Show
Total weight of products : 255g