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Australian Makers

City Chocolates handpicked talented Makers are connoisseurs of delicious, handmade, artisan chocolates.

1) Gabriel Chocolate - Bean to Bar Chocolate - Western Australia


Gabriel Chocolate (Gabriel) hand makes single origin chocolate bars from bean to bar in small batches. Gabriel hand sort raw cocoa beans, roast to special profiles to bring out fine flavours in the beans, before winnowing, grinding, refining and conching to produce a fine handcrafted individually wrapped product. Gabriel Chocolate has won several local and interstate awards in Australia.  

Source : https://gabrielchocolate.com.au/

2) Jasper & Myrtle - Handmade Chocolate - Canberra


Jasper + Myrtle takes carefully sourced cocoa beans and roasts them to perfection, blending with exquisite flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars, lovingly handmade in Canberra, Australia. Like fine wine, each batch is different. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Jasper + Myrtle Chocolate has won local and international awards. 

Source: https://jasperandmyrtle.com.au/


3) Monsieur Truffe - Organic Chocolates - Melbourne


Monsieur Truffe is based in Melbourne and started in 2006. Their creations are made using the best couverture they can source. They are masters in single-origin and bean-to-bars; which ensures their range presents the rich breadth and depth of the cacao bean. 

Source: http://monsieurtruffechocolate.com/