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City Chocolates is a Registered Trademark, disruptive start-up and an innovative online platform for several brands of Australian Artisan and Organic Chocolate Bars, Artisan Chocolate Gifts and Artisan Chocolate Hampers.

One Site, One Experience, Many Brands.

Our curated list of handpicked products are handmade by boutique and some award-winning Australian Chocolate Makers based all over Australia.

I was born with food allergies and a love for good chocolates. As such I went in search of the best non-commercial chocolates made in Australia; my quest brought me in contact with delicious chocolates and gifted makers all over Australia.

I will only sell bars that I will eat myself, as such you can be confident that my curated collection contains only the best and some award winning bars. 

I am proud to offer approximately 80 different chocolate creations from my handpicked Australian Makers. We are conveniently based in Sydney City.


City Chocolates proudly supports Australian businesses and actively promotes Australian brands to customers and markets.  As a City Chocolate customer, you are supporting established, good practice Australian Small and Medium Businesses. 

City Chocolates advocates ethical, sustainable and innovative practices in cocoa cultivation that ensures farmers and their communities continue to enjoy a viable living and chocolate lovers will have access to this delicacy for years to come.

City Chocolates is constantly on the look out for new boutique Australian chocolate makers and amazing new chocolate creations and bring them to you.

I hope you will join me in this tasteful journey.