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Gift for Anyone - Artisan Gianduja Milk Gift Chocolate Box

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1) Organic Monsieur Truffe - Milk Gianduja (180g) 

If you love Milk Chocolate, then you cannot go pass - Monsieur Truffe Organic Milk Gianduja - Our enduring Best Seller!

Handmade in Australia with minimum 37% Cocoa Butter, Australian Whole milk Powder and Organic Hazelnuts. You will be forever changed!. It is 100% Organic and Gluten Free.

2) Jasper + Myrtle 66% Spiced Rum Dark Chocolate (70g)

A sophisticated chocolate, flavoured with fruit and spices soaked in Australian Bundaberg rum and mixed with 66% dark achocolate that lingers on your palate. A rum and raisin chocolate, with silkiness and subtlety in its characteristics.

Australian Handmade Chocolate

*Total weight of products: 250g* 
*A small plain card with a bespoke message available with every order*