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Gift for Him - Artisan Bon Bon Gift Pack 3

1) Bon Bon Fine Milk Chocolate in Macadamias (Grab Bag) (200g)

Bon Bon's slow roasted Australian Macadamias coated in Bon Bon's famous delicious Fine Milk Chocolate. It is extremely irresistible.

2) Monsieur Truffe 36% Milk Caramel with Tasman Sea-Salt (80g)

Monsieur Truffe 36% Milk Caramel with Tasman Sea-Salt has minimum 36% cocoa butter. It is a rich smooth caramel chocolate sprinkled with Tasman Sea Salt.

It is Fair-Trade and 100% Gluten Free.

3) Bon Bon Fine Chocolate Classic 60% Dark Chocolate Bar with Cocoa Nibs (81g) 

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate 60% Dark Classic Chocolate Bar has minimum 60% cocoa butter and it is blended with crunchy cocoa nibs.

Australian Handmade Chocolate.

 Total Weight of Products. 361g