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April 20, 2019 2 min read

Easter is a special time for everyone. It is a time of Giving and Receiving and a time cherished and celebrated with family and friends. it is also a time that we think of those less fortunate than us and/ or live in a world ridden with disease, strife, war or injustice.

As Australians we are very fortunate to live in a country filled with the bounty of natural resources and are able to live, work and play under a fair and equitable Government; who ensures everyone who lives in this wonderful country receives a "Fair Go" in life.

At City Chocolates this Easter, it was very special time as we had the opportunity to partner with Memocorp Property Group headquartered at 259 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 to sponsor Memocorp's annual Easter Staff Raffle where all funds raised will be donated to a much loved and well-known Australian Charity; "Make-A-Wish" Foundation for sick kids

City Chocolates created an unique Easter Abundance Chocolate Hamper Basket containing a delicious handpicked selection of Artisan and Organic, Milk and Dark Chocolate Eggs, Sardines and Bunnies handmade by boutique and award-winning Australian Makers, presented in a delightful and exclusive Sophie Conran harvesting basket.

Our special Easter chocolates Hamper basket included:

  • Organic Monsieur Truffe Easter Egg - 37% Milk with Cacao Nibs (100g)
  • Organic Monsieur Truffe Easter Egg - 72% Dark with Mix Berries - Vegan (100g)
  • Organic Monsieur Truffe Sardines - 37% Dominican Republic Milk (90g)
  • Organic Monsieur Truffe Sardines - 72% Dominican Republic Dark - Vegan (90g)

 The rare and beautiful Sophie Conran Harvesting basket was hunted down throughout Sydney and specially ordered in for this very special Charity event. Made in Sheffield England, the harvesting basket is a great gardening companion. It's a versatile basket, capable of holding a variety of items and foodstuffs. It is a steel wire basket with a powder coated finish and FSC beech handle. 


259 Concierge

Thu, Apr 18, 1:57 PM - 2019


Hi Rob,

 The winner of the raffle was Oliver Trajcevski from Dinimus winning no is N80 and we raised $512.10.

 A big thank you to Phyllys from CityChocolates

for her kind donation of the Easter hamper to assist the Make A wish Charity. 

Kind Regards,


 Nick Avramis

Client Relations Manager
259 George Street 

a Ground Floor, 259 George Street

Sydney NSW Australia 2000

t 02 8272 7422   |  e |


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