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July 19, 2019 2 min read

City Chocolates is based in Sydney, capital of New South Wales, one of Australia's largest cities. City Chocolates never sleeps, we are 100% online store. Our office in the middle of Sydney CBD, was born out of an intense desire for convenience and availability.

City Chocolates online store is open for business all year round for its Australian chocolates. City Chocolates is Australia's First online Artisan Chocolates platform for several brands of Artisan Chocolates and Organic Chocolate Bars, Artisan Chocolate Gifts and Artisan Hampers. Our bespoke hampers and gift packs are  bursting with "Full of Beans" goodness of fresh cacao butter and natural ingredients.

You can satisfy that middle of the night chocolate craving or buy that chocolate gift pack or hamper by ordering on City Chocolates online store and easily pick up your order from our 24 hours by 7 days Concierge based on 101 Bathurst Street.

City Chocolates delivers to all Australian metro cities.

Be sure to check out, our handmade chocolates bursting with the natural goodness of fresh cacao beans and cacao butter, handmade by boutique and award-winning Australian Chocolate Makers.

City Chocolates is proud of its Australian Makers, rigorously handpicked to ensure they meet our stringent criteria for quality, creativity, and authenticity. Our award-winning Makers are always seeking the best cocoa beans and turning them into unique chocolate creations.

Jasper and Myrtle’s bean to bar chocolates are handmade from cacao beans imported from Peru and Papua New Guinea and made right here in Canberra. Their most popular bars are single origin dark chocolate. 

Monsieur Truffe has the authority when it comes visceral organic bean to bar handmade chocolates. Their passion is further enhanced by hand-wrapping all their products in environmentally-friendly packaging. Monsieur Truffe's organic single-origin, vegan, fair-trade and flavoured bean-to-bars is sure to satisfy the harshest critic. You can find their famous hot chocolate at their East Elevation Cafe based at Brunswick, Melbourne.

Gabriel Chocolate is Western Australia's first bean to bar chocolate makers and they passionately transform the humble raw cacao bean into delicate, smooth and award winning chocolate. You will also be pleasantly surprised with their decadent chocolate chunk cookie, chocolate inspired gelato and loaded coffee selections at their chocolate shop based in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate first opened it doors in 1982 in a Sydney's suburb and has been a household name for families for decades. Over the past 37 years Bon Bon Fine Chocolate has come to be known and loved as an exclusive boutique supplier of fine handmade European chocolates.

We are truly proud of our talented Australian Makers and their delicious creations that never fails to keep us in awe. This shiny, ubiquitous rich dark liquid continues to release happy hormones in our brain.

At City Chocolates we are contented to live, sleep and breath chocolates, we truly are a city that never sleeps.

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